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Soft Scented Stick 200 Ml - Lilac

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Soft Scented Stick 200 Ml - Lilac

  • Category: Scented Stick
  • Pattern: Soft
  • Color: Lilac
  • Size: 200 Ml
  • Materiel: Scented Stick
  • Usage: Remove the cap on the bottle, place the special sticks in the box into the bottle, allow 48 hours for the sticks to absorb the odor and spread throughout the environment
  • It carries a sweet-fruity-woody essence created with the scents of blackcurrant, apple, red berries, peach, apricot, rose, magnolia, green leaves, sandalwood, musk and amber
  • Made in Turkey

Package included:

  • 1 x Soft Scented Stick 200 Ml - Lilac

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